Why training
with HoloLens?

Why training with the Hololens?

You want to be a front runner in the market!

Learning alongside fellow trainees and your instructor as you walk around a three-dimensional model of an aircraft, zoom in on components, examine system behavior and analyze faults. All of this is possible with a new type of training that uses augmented reality (AR). It was developed and tested by NLR in association with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

The advantages of such a 3D virtual aircraft are numerous. It is usable both for theoretical and for practical training and other purposes. In principle, NUVEON is able to model all complex mechanical systems in the aircraft, including systems that normally cannot be demonstrated on an aircraft. It is also possible to simulate normal and abnormal aircraft behavior. What’s more, a virtual aircraft is available any place, any time, and nothing can wear out.




Current training on distance; you don’t fly to the aircraft the aircraft comes to you

  • Availability of the aircraft is limited, therefore you are less depending on aircraft access and sign off practical task (EASA part 147 approved)
  • Environment friendly
  • No costs of travel and lodging

Quality and Quantity improvement of the engineer

  • Combination of Theory and Practice
  • Shorter course duration
  • Increase competence of student with AR
  • Efficiency from start to finish

Current solutions:

  • EASA part 147, B777 ATA’s Fuel, Equipment Cooling and Air-conditioning
  • EASA part 147, B787GE to B787RR engine difference practical in full
  • EASA part 147, B777GE to B777RR and PW engine difference practical in full

Future Opportunities:
Tailor made training applications on request.