Innovative Solutions
for MRO


“NUVEON wants to integrate augmented reality throughout the MRO chain and to use it in the everyday performance of maintenance”.

For example, using augmented reality for every repair could help ensure the correct procedural steps by visually projecting the action that must be performed on the aircraft. At the same time, information could be given during inspections about previous repairs of the aircraft. If you integrate AR in this way, it will become common practice and you can increase the insight of mechanics, supervise them remotely and make recordings that are usable as progress training.

But the real challenge is to organize things differently and to make it more interactive, because that is the only way to leverage the full added value of the augmented reality goggles. It’s not enough simply to use a new technology and leave everything else as it was. NUVEON can help and support you in becoming more effective in MRO operations.

NUVEON can provide their services to

  • Airline Line and/or Base maintenance organizations
  • Independent Line and/or Base Maintenance organizations
  • Airlines with a training center
  • Airlines with MRO services
  • Independent MRO’s
  • Air Forces